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Montpellier 2nd most sporty city in France after Paris

Montpellier offers sport enthusiasts a large choice of sport disciplines. It is impossible for a sportsperson to get bored at the weekend!


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Each weekend, we see the same procession. Throughout the city, thousands of supporters flock to the different sporting facilities.

It is the 20th May 2012, a smell of sulphur wafts over the Comédie square. In front of the giant screen, more than 25,000 people are watching, full of hope, the last game of the season for the Montpellier football team in the French Football Championship which takes place in Auxerre. Montpellier hopes to win the championship whilst Auxerre fights not to finish in second place. The match is tense. The atmosphere electric. Nothing goes as planned. Auxerre opens the score with a goal at the beginning of the match. The match is interrupted several times due to flares being thrown. However, two goals from John Utaka save the Montpellier team which wins the France Football Championship for the first time in its history. Against the great Paris and its galactic star players, Montpellier wins with a gang of kids trained at the Montpellier football club. 

How many handball world champions came from Montpellier handball team (MHB)? How many players from Montpellier have worn the France XV rugby jersey?
Numerous famous athletes started their career here. And it is not over yet.

For two years now, the Equipe newspaper has declared Montpellier the second  sportiest city in France in its classification. Indeed the Metropolis offers a great diversity of disciplines. From popular sports such as football, rugby, handball or volley-ball to lesser known sports such as roller hockey, rugby league, water-polo, ice hockey and many more.

Each weekend, we see the same procession. Throughout the city, thousands of supporters flock to the different sporting facilities. To René Bougnol's sports hall for handball, to the Altrad Stadium for rugby, to the Mosson stadium for football, but also to the Végapolis ice rink for ice hockey or to the Pierre de Coubertin sports hall for volleyball.

All sportsmen and women, amateurs and professionals find Montpellier to be a place which encourages their improvement and development. "Here, here, it’s MONT-PE-LLIER !"

Have a look at all the sports events in Montpellier


Born in Montpellier twenty years ago, the International Festival of Extreme Sports (FISE) swamps the city and the world with its Freestyle culture.


In 1995, Hervé André-Benoit, a student at Montpellier Business School (Sup de Co) is working on his end-of-year project.

His idea is to create an extreme sports festival that will gather the best local riders in disciplines as varied as BMX, skateboard, wakeboard, roller-blade and even scooter.

Twenty years later, the FISE has become the city’s most popular event.

Each year in May, it gathers more than 500 000 people on banks of the river Lez. More than 400 riders from 50 countries demonstrate their talents.

In the last three years, the FISE circuit has extended to Andorra, China and Malaysia. And it isn’t over yet! Three more dates are planned for 2016.

A success story made in Montpellier.

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In Montpellier, the women’s BLMA basketball team were Champions of France in 2014 after winning against the formidable Bourges team.

The women rugby players of MHR, nicknamed the ‘ladybirds’, have lifted the famous shield five times since 2007 and many of them, such as Gaëlle Mignot, play for the French national rugby team.

The women’s MHSC football players are a young and dynamic team who has twice been crowned Champions of France, providing ample reasons for the boys to do the same… 


In addition to its high level professional clubs, Montpellier is also home to unusual sports.
Did you know that Montpellier have been kayak-polo Champions of France several times? The MACKUK  even provides numerous athletes to the French national team. It has to be said that these brave players train until the early days of winter in the icy cold water of the river Lez. Therefore the genesis of their strength must be due, in part, to this.
Did you know that Montpellier also has a roller-hockey team, a rugby league team, an Australian rules football team and many more?

It would even seem that a Quidditch team, the traditional Harry Potter sport, is in the process of being set up in Montpellier. But keep quiet! This information is reserved for the Moldus !