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Green getaways stay

Montpellier, a city destination, also has much to offer nature lovers with its city gardens, unspoiled green spaces and the opportunity to play golf only a few kilometres from the heart of the town.

Green as in… golf!

A city break and a golf break on the same trip? When you come to Montpellier, you can do just that!

Two international golf clubs at less than 15 minutes drive from the centre of Montpellier offer visitors the possibility to enjoy a round of golf for the day, or if they want to stay a little bit longer, they can find accommodation at the clubs themselves: Quality Hôtel du Golf Montpellier and/or Domaine de Massane.

With 741 hectares of natural public areas, Montpellier is most definitely a green city: rives du Lez, zoo, parcs...

Nature lovers will find within the metropolitan area of Montpellier all they could desire in terms of pristine green spaces: Animal Reserve Méjean, local wines & Pic Saint Loup... 

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