Bandeau expérience un hiver joyeux et lumineux © OTC3M

A joyful, radiant winter

A joyful, radiant winter

Is winter not exactly your favourite season? Well, just remember that the best way to stay cheerful in the cold is to move around. And Montpellier has just what the doctor ordered for that. At nightfall, the city lights up: a globe on Place de la Comédie, a Christmas tree in front of the opera house, a giant bear on Place du Nombre d’Or and more.

Each district will make you smile and motivate to get outside. After a glass of mulled wine peps you up at the Christmas market, Les Hivernales, head for the spectacle of the Enlightened City (“Cœur de Ville en Lumières”). The façades of the city’s government buildings are brought to life, and its medieval streets are illuminated. From narrow streets to small squares and from old stones to thousand-year-old arches, have fun losing yourself in the Ecusson. What a treat!


Tip: the "Montpellier by night during Christmas Time" guided Tours with the Tourism Office (in French only)

Picto coeur


The giant illuminated globe on the Place de la Comédie

Picto plus

Added bonus

Numerous light shows in the different districts

Picto étoile

What not to miss

A walk in the Christmas market


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