Sapin et opéra - Ch Ruiz Montpellier 3M © Ch Ruiz Montpellier 3M

Illuminated Montpellier

For the holidays, the beating heart of Montpellier lights up - Joy guaranteed for young and old!

Illuminated Montpellier

Montpellier will make you love winter. In its great humanist tradition, it brings you softness and warmth even in the middle of December with its many illuminations!
The walk begins at Place de la Comédie, in front of this year's novelty: the a magnificent giant gift package. It has something to impress and make you the star of social networks.
A little selfie and hop, record of likes beaten on Instagram with the #montpelliernow. Besides, if you like the photo, get ready to unsheathe the device.
Then we continue towards its facades, its alleys and its small illuminated squares, Montpellier is very photogenic and is adorned with its festive clothes.


The Good Plan: Get the phone out, it deserves a little story. What if we went to collect our gift boxes ordered by click and collect or go to the local market? xoxo

Picto coeur

We love

The magnificent giant gift package on the Place de la Comédie

Picto plus

The +

The very Instagrammable illuminations photo shoot!

Picto étoile

Don't miss

Bring back your memories from Montpellier


After having toured the Place de la Comédie, I take the opportunity to explore the small surrounding streets

What are beautiful with their clothes of lights! Rue de la loge, place St Jean Jaurès, rue du Bras de Fer, you are spoiled for choice to stroll and marvel

By the way, have you thought of everything for Christmas? Take a tour in the small shops of the Ecusson


And above all, think about your festive meals and stock up on local products in the shops or in the open markets

Sapin et opéra - Ch Ruiz Montpellier 3M © Ch Ruiz Montpellier 3M

3 Grâces and the Opéra illuminated

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