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Montpellier For Kids

Holidays, Wednesdays to occupy ... no stress in Montpellier there is something to occupy the children and also the parents!

Montpellier Méditerranée

Enjoy the experience with your family !

Let's go for a discovery of Montpellier!

- In culture mode

So here the holidays are coming, the weather is still nice and good, the children want to have fun and learn?


With treasure hunts from the Tourist Office from 7 years old (In French), more than 1h30 deduction and quiz games to unravel the mysteries of Montpellier or even an artist from the city ...
The historic center of Montpellier and the Antigone district are entirely pedestrianized. You can walk around and visit without having to worry about cars and other motor vehicles, another strong point for family outings!
The Fabre Museum is also artistic workshops during the holidays, for all ages, alone or with the family. Drawing, painting, collage a real pleasure to share.

Cache-Cache avec Frédéric Bazille

Cache-Cache avec Frédéric Bazille

- In leisure mode

With my children, I tested the cuddly toy workshop, it's terrible!
We choose the animal, the sound, we give it a secret, we feed it and it comes to life! At 8 and 5 years old I can tell you that they were delighted to leave with their creation!
Resto break: Pirates Paradise! The unmissable temple of little pirates and budding sailors. Realistic decor, a marine atmosphere, entertainment during the meal ... a guaranteed success, don't forget to book!

A bit of climbing? It is well known at this age that children love to climb, climb constantly, so nothing like taking them indoor climbing! With Mad Monkey or Altissimo, my children let off steam every time and have fun.

- In nature mode

Total immersion with Planet Ocean Montpellier and its 400 species to discover along the routes punctuated by majestic encounters! The end of the tour will appeal to all aspiring astronauts exploring the Universe.
Montpellier is also its free zoo all year round, but during this period what we like to do ... get warm (very hot) in the Amazonian greenhouse by observing the biodiversity, the colors of the animals and the lush vegetation.

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