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All our guided tours for groups City (Hi)stories

All our guided tours “City (Hi)stories”

Discover all our “City (Hi)Stories” tours! Montpellier through storytelling: its past, its present, its districts and its treasures.

All our guided tours for groups

1. City Hall and district

An architectural exploit

Discover the Hôtel de Ville, at once an architectural exploit from the imagination of Jean Nouvel and François Fontès, a city hall and a sustainable building.
Next, explore the up-and-coming Port Marianne district, designed with futuristic lines and forming the link between Montpellier and the sea.

From 178€ INCL.VAT/group*

*Groups of up to 30 people.

2. Medieval Montpellier

A crossroads of cultures, knowledge and goods

As a crossroads of cultures, knowledge and goods, medieval Montpellier was booming. With the increasing popularity of pilgrimages, the city became a major stop along the Camin Roumieu, one of the four routes of the Camino de Santiago (the southern route).

Pilgrims would find room and board there, the protection of Notre-Dame des Tables, and the possibility of exchanging money and obtaining medical treatment.
The remnants of this prosperous era can be found on the façades and in the courtyards of the old “hostals”.

From 190€ INCL.VAT/ Group

*Groups up to 30 people

3. Private Mansions architectural treasures

From the Middle Ages to the 19th century

A tour of the courtyards of private mansions will give you the chance to discover how homes evolved in Montpellier between the Middle Ages and the 19th century.
From medieval hostals to 19th century income properties, set off on an architectural trip through space and time.

From 178€ INCL.VAT/group *

*Groups up to 30 people. Monday to Friday

4. The drawing rooms of Hôtel de Lunas

A place where time stands still

fter a tour dotted with Haussmann-style buildings, experience a moment of emotion at the Hôtel de Lunas, a home bequeathed by Pierre Sabatier d’Espeyran in 1974 to become a National Monument.
The doors swing open into a place where time seems to have stopped more than a century ago. Explore the ground floor, with its dining room, music room and more, to catch a glimpse of the private life of a great Montpellier family.

From 178€ INCL.VAT/ group *

*Groups up to 18 people – Monday to Friday.

5. Frédéric Bazille: a history and an enigma

Success long ignored

Images of Bazille are hidden here and there throughout Montpellier, providing an opportunity to follow in his footsteps and penetrate his private life, as part of an ancestral, “enlightened” family from Protestant high society , as an artist whose calling is tied to Montpellier, and as a success which the rest of the city long ignored…

From 178€ INCL.VAT/group*

*Groups up to 30 people

6. History of law

Jean Jacques Régis de Cambacérès, father of the French Civil Code

With Jean Jacques Régis de Cambacérès, a native of Montpellier and father of the Civil Code, the least we can say is that the law and the city are closely linked! This brand new tour provides an overview of law in Montpellier, between a rediscovery of its theoretical and practical origins and visits to places where justice was taught and exercised, and to the city’s first prison.

You will be able to enter the Ursuline convent, formerly a municipal prison whose cells can still be seen today, visit the present-day law school and wander through the different courtrooms of the Court of Appeal. A captivating foray into the heart of the justice system…

From 178€ INCL. VAT group*

*Groups up to 30 people


7. Contemporary architecture along the Lez

Along the Lez, nature takes over

Port Marianne is the ideal setting for an architectural précis in the heart of the urban forest. From the RBC Design Center, a temple of design signed by J. Nouvel, discover P. Starck’s Nuage and the water mirror. Cross the Rambla to see La Mantilla by J. Ferrier, a nod to the belles de Castille, and the André Levy Bridge, designed with great finesse by R. Ricciotti.

Enjoy the shimmering Koh I Noor by B. Bühler. Along the Lez, nature takes over. The walk ends near a cherry tree in flower: the White Tree by S. Fujimoto.

More than a visit, a contemporary epic.

From 178€ INCL.VAT/group*

*Groups up to 30 people


8. Urban reorganisation: 19th century Montpellier

How did Montpellier grow rich and change in the 19th century?

With the arrival of the railway and the development of the vineyards, Montpellier became richer and more diverse. The city was adorned with show buildings, green spaces, and market halls…

Between the Place de la Comédie and the brand new train station, the facades come alive with exuberant, sometimes ostentatious decorations inspired by the Haussmann style.

OPTIONALLY, the doors open onto superb staircases and the sumptuous Salon Rouge of the Sabatier d’Espeyran mansion.

From 178€ INCL.VAT/group*

*Groups up to 30 people