All our guided tours for groups Historical City Centre

All our guided tours “Historical City Centre”

Discover all our tours of the historical city centre! Learn all about the history of the Ecusson, by day or by night, for groups of all ages.

Our guided tours for groups

1. L'Essential Montpellier

Key sites of the historical city centre

From Place de la Comédie to the Places de la Canourgue and du Peyrou, through the maze of medieval streets, follow your guide as you discover Montpellier through the ages.

Montpellier is a place of secrets. To uncover them, our guides will open doors to which only the Tourist Office holds the keys the courtyard of a 17th or 18th century private manor and access to YOUR CHOICE of one of these two sites:

• the famous Mikvé (a 12th century Jewish ritual bath), a real gem of Montpellier,

• a view of the city from on high, atop the Triumphal Arch !

From 178€ INCL.VAT/group – Groups of up to 30 people. Length: 2 hrs.

2. The Big Loop

Key Sites and more

A comprehensive tour that will take you into the city’s most emblematic monuments, plus the exploration of a private mansion’s courtyard and access to YOUR CHOICE of two of these three sites:

• l’Arc de Triomphe

• le Mikvé

Montpellier Cathedral’s Urbain V Tower*.

From 190€ INCL.VAT/ Group*

For visits to the Urbain V Tower: +€1/pers. Entry to the tower limited to 18 people. Good level of physical fitness recommended. 200 steps. Groups of up to 30 people. Length: 3 hrs.

3. Historical City Centre and Petit Train

See the key sites without wearing yourself out !

Board Montpellier’s Petit Train for a 40-minute trip through the narrow streets of the old town, when the city’s most important heritage sites will be within your reach, without you becoming worn out.

From the famous Place de la Comédie to the magnificent Place Royale du Peyrou by way of the gorgeous Saint-Côme amphitheatre, the city will reveal all its secrets to you.

Finish the tour with a short walking route which will lead you into the courtyard of a private mansion, a gem of 17th century architecture.

Please contact us for prices

*Groups of up to 30 people. Group prices for groups of 20 or more.

4. Historical City Centre and Musée Fabre

A concentrate of Heritage and Arts

Why choose?

This itinerary combines a tour of Montpellier’s historical centre and key sites with an exploration of the city’s fine arts museum, the Musée Fabre where you will learn more about its history and the major pieces in its permanent collection.

A concentrated dose of images and emotions that you absolutely won’t want to miss.

Please contact us for prices

*Groups of up to 30 people.

5. Montpellier by night

Montpellier’s heritage under a new light

It may be luminous during the day, but Montpellier really sparkles after nightfall.

An unusual route along Tram Line 4 to discover the city’s illuminated heritage:

  • the Tours des Pins and de la Babote (remains of the old ramparts);
  • Boulevard du jeu de paume and Arc de Triomphe;
  • the courthouse, the chevet of Montpellier Cathedral, and Place Albert 1er.

The high point of the tour is always the panoramic view of all this glorious heritage from atop the Arc de Triomphe.

From 178€ INCLU.VAT/Group

*Groups of up to 30 people.

6. Christmas Lights

The historical centre is a must during Winter holidays

At nightfall, when Montpellier’s lights come on,
fill yourself with the magic of Christmas along a route which will lead you into the heart of the Ecusson, the city’s historical centre.
The tour will end with a glass of mulled wine to seal the day in friendship.

Alcohol abuse is harmful to your health. Please enjoy with moderation.

From 178€ INCL.VAT*

*Groups of up to 30 people.

7. The historical City Centre for kids

A search accross the Ecusson

As a result of a collaboration between the City of Montpellier, the guides, local teachers and the local schools inspector, the Tourist Office is able to offer a treasure hunt for pupils in Years 5 and 6 (ages 8 to 9).

Accompanied by a certified guide, the kids will discover the history of Montpellier and locations which are usually closed to the public. A game book is provided to each child. With plenty of illustrations, it contains puzzles to solve in the heart of the Ecusson. This fun, interactive tour will help to develop their observational skills and will arouse their curiosity.

From 178€ INCL.VAT*

*Groups of up to 30 people.

8.Accessible Montpellier

Two routes through the heart of the Ecusson

A tour of the heart of the historical city centre, with exclusive visits to two private mansion courtyard, that makes the heritage of Montpellier something that anyone can access.

Two routes adapted for people with:

Motor disability;

Visual disabilities.

From 178€ INCL.VAT*

*Groups of up to 30 people.

9. Hide and seek through the city with Frédéric Bazille

A search through the historical city centre

The local artist left his marks on the heart of his home town. Led by a guide, the children set off on a hunt for his portraits through the medieval streets of the historical centre.

This scavenger hunt using observation and deduction is the ideal tour for kids, each of whom will receive a small game book to help them with their exploration.

From 178€ INCL. VAT*

* Groups of up to 30 people. Includes 1 game book per participating child.

10. Photo lens

For a photographic tour of the Écusson

Follow us with your camera or smartphone for a walk in the heart of the Ecusson to discover some of the places that make up the city’s history. Around these, your guide will take the opportunity to give you some simple rules of composition to improve your photos. The rule of thirds, curiosity about detail and even tips for successful portraits will be included!

Your guide will then give you time to put his precious advice into practice. Thanks to him, you will never see Montpellier in the same way again! A walk full of images not to be missed for lovers of photos and beautiful memories, ending the visit at the top of the Arc de Triomphe!

From 178€ INCL.VAT*

*Groups of up to 15 people