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All our guided tours for groupsSpirituality

All our guided tours “Spirituality”

Discover all our “Spirituality” tours ! Follow the traces of the city’s religious heritage, from yesterday and today.

Our guided tours for groups

1. St Pierre Cathedral

From the Benedictine chapel to the cathedral

An extraordinary history: from the Benedictine chapel which Pope Urban V wanted in the 14th century, it became a cathedral in the 16th, thanks to its enormous dimensions.

It is a representative example of the Gothic style in the South of France and the only medieval church in the Ecusson to have survived the Wars of Religion.

UNIQUE! Entry to the Urbain V Tower* included !

From 178€ INCL.VAT/group + 1€/pers.*

*Good level of physical fitness recommended. 200 steps. Groups of up to 18 people.

2. Churches of the Ecusson

Between Heritage and spirituality

From the classicism of Notre-Dame des Tables Church and the Chapel of the White Penitents
to the neo-Gothic architecture of Saint-Roch Church, explore the religious heritage of Montpellier through the centuries.

From 178€ INCL.VAT/group + 1€/INDIV*

*Groups up to 30 people.


3. In the footsteps of Saint-Roch, pilgrim and benefactor

In the footsteps of pilgrims

Discover the history of the city’s benefactor, undoubtedly the best-known native of Montpellier in the world.

A journey which treads the line between history and legend, heritage and spirituality, that will lead you from Saint-Roch Church to the Pila Saint Gély Gate, following in the footsteps of the pilgrims of yesterday and today.

From 178€ INCL.VAT/group*

*Groups up to 30 people.

4. History of the jewish community

A major contribution to the city’s economic and intellectual development

LThe establishment of a Jewish community as early as the 12th century reflects the welcoming, tolerant spirit of the Guilhems, the first lords of Montpellier.
Lawyers, doctors, poets and philosophers have contributed their talents and knowledge to the economic and intellectual development of the city. Discover the Mikvé and the digs to explore the old medieval Hebrew place of worship, before reliving the highlights of the community’s history during a conference with Mr Iancu, Director of the Institut Maïmonide.

From 178€ INCL.VAT /group*

*Groups up to 30 people.


5. Reformation in Montpellier

Secular ties

31 October 1517: Luther posts his 95 theses against the Church of his era in Germany.

(Re)Discover the history of Protestantism through the history of Montpellier.

How did the Reformation arrive here? How was it received? Why?

As you pass through the streets of the Ecusson, you will discover the ties that bind the history of Protestantism to our city, and the times of peace and of persecution.

From 178€ INCL.VAT/group*

*Groups up to 30 people.