Cirque de navacelles grands causses herault grand site © OT Montpellier

The Navacelles Cirque

The Navacelles Cirque provides one of the greatest sights with its superb canyon, the largest in Europe.

Cirque de navacelles grands causses grand site herault  © J. Noclercq

The Navacelles cirque, a ‘Grand Site’ of France classified Natura 2000, offers a sublime and unique landscape.

The canyon, carved by the river Vis, is truly impressive with its 300 metre deep gorges carved out of the limestone plateaus of the 'Blandas' (Gard) and the Larzac (Hérault).

Below, the river flows in a cascade near the village of Navacelles, which was built beside a meander that dried up some 6000 years ago.

The Navacelles cirque, is located in the area of the Causses and the Cevennes, classified as a Human World Heritage site by Unesco.

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How to get to the Navacelles Cirque from Montpellier?

- By car: Take the A75 towards Saint André de Sangonis then the D9 (or D986 Ganges road) to the north of Montpellier

- By bus: Line 301/381 Montpellier to Millau via Lodeve then from Lodève, take the ‘La Draille’ inter-town bus


The Navacelles cirque is located just over 1 hour from Montpellier.