Lac de Salagou depuis Mont Liausson herault nature  © Christel Gauthier

The Salagou lake

This lake with its red reflections is located near Montpellier and is an ideal natural space for peaceful walks and for water activities.

Lac de Salagou herault montpellier © C.Gauthier

30 minutes from Montpellier and 40 km from the sea, Salagou is an artificial lake with an amazing colour.

 This reddish hue is caused by iron oxide contained in the sandstone rock.

The lake enables enthusiasts of the great outdoors to enjoy various activities — biking, horse riding, hiking, swimming, water sports.

This natural area is also ideal for peaceful strolls.

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Located around twenty kilometres from the Salagou Lake, Lodève is classified by Unesco as a ‘City of Art and History at the gates of the Causses and the Cevennes’.

What to see in Lodève:

- The Lodève Museum, housed in the Fleury family mansion, offers fine art, geology, paleontology, prehistory and archeology collections.

- The sole provincial branch of the National Manufacturer of 'Savonnerie' in Paris, which continues a rug weaving tradition dating back almost four centuries, is based in Lodeve.

- Just 7 km away is the Saint-Michel-de-Grandmont Priory, a listed historic building.