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Located south of Montpellier, Lattes is a very ancient town. The archeological site Lattara-Museum Henri Prades retraces the history of the location. Other sites to be discover : The Nature reserve (maison de la nature), The Mejean salt water lake, The Lez river banks, as well as Port Ariane, a marina, its restaurants and terraces.

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Lattes is an ancient town.

Founded in the 6th century BC by the Estruscans, Lattara was a very active commercial harbour, ideally located on the Mediterranean coast. A vocation that will evolve over the centuries to reach its peak in the 15th century driven by Jacques Cœur, High Treasurer of Charles VII.

The archeological site Lattara-Henri Prades Museum retraces the antique history of the place.

The Museum administered by Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole offers permanent and temporary exhibitions but also entertainment such as the Antiquity Festival in June or the Heritage Days in September.

Not far from here, the river Lez provides a nice path along its bank. By foot, by bike or on roller blades, enjoy the recent cycle path along the Lez, from Montpellier to Palavas-les-Flots, thus rejoigning the seaside.

Observation posts, a picnic area and two lovely circuits enable you to discover the fauna and flora of the Mejean: white storks, pink flamingos, ducks, egrets, musk rats, horses, reed beds..

On the way discover the Maison de la nature and the Mejan nature reserve Port Ariane, the Lattes marina was built in the 90’s with the capacity for one hundred boats, a Harbour master’s office, several cafés and restaurants and pleasant terrasses.

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