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A sporting good time

A sporting good time !

Swimming costumes aren’t the only aren’t the only gear to be used in Montpellier. Here, people take their sport seriously. Men’s or women’s, team, individual or extreme: there are high level clubs for every activity. As the number one sporting city in France, Montpellier puts on a great show. Whether you’re on the pitch or the terraces, it will entertain you and make you sweat all winter long.


Tip: Head over to the Open Sud de France where each year the biggest names in French tennis come to compete.

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High level women’s and men’s sport teams

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Added bonus

There is something for everyone: individual, team or extreme sports and more...

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What not to miss

The Open Sud de France and its highly charged ambiance

Open Sud de France © Open Sud de France

The Open Sud de France (tennis)

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