Gare St Roch © Ville de Montpellier

Montpellier, an archetype of modern architecture

Montpellier, an archetype of modern architecture

Yes, people love the old stones of the city’s historical centre, but not just that. Montpellier loves contemporary architecture. Just look up, and you will see. Saint Roch Train Station is a luminous nave, two tram lines (3 and 4) were designed by Christian Lacroix, the Pierresvives multimedia library looks like a spaceship, and Antigone swimming pool could be a giant cruise liner. And what about the all-white building with the protruding balconies? That’s L’Arbre Blanc (“The White Tree”), the city’s latest architectural folly, designed by Fujimoto. This masterpiece will soon be completed. You will also find the City Hall was designed by Jean Nouvel, Le Nuage is a wellness centre concocted by Philippe Starck, and Georges Frêche vocational school is the work of Massimiliano Fuksas. What do you expect? When you love something, you can never have enough.



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Touring Port Marianne District with the Tourist Office (in French only)

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Added bonus

The colourful trams of Montpellier

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What not to miss

L’Arbre Blanc, a masterpiece of contemporary architecture

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