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The Opera house, always making a scene

The Opera house, always making a scene

Outside, inside, from the courtyard or from the garden, the Opéra Comédie looks great from every angle. The architect who designed it was a student of Charles Garnier (logically, the creator of the Palais Garnier opera house in Paris), and it shows. Mouldings, gilding, paintings, balconies, red velvet seats and more: magic is at work here, and your eyes will be spinning with all there is to see. Naturally, such beauty will intrigue you.

What would you say to a trip backstage?


Tip : From the floor to the ceiling and from the boards to the legs, a stage manager and a tour guide will reveal all the secrets of the theatre to you. Ding dong, the show’s about to begin.

Picto coeur


The “Backstage” guided tour with the Tourist Office (in French only).

Picto plus

Added bonus

An impressive example of an Italian-style opera house

Picto étoile

What not to miss

The many operas and concerts given all year round


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