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Located 15 km west of Montpellier, surrounded by vineyards and ‘garrigue’ (aromatic scrubland), crossed by the Bérange river, the village of Baillargues is endowed with a beautiful romanesque church (12th century). All golf players are welcome to discover the pleasure of a round of golf (18 holes) or for a stay combining sport and well-being, at the Golf Hotel Spa in Montpellier Massane.

Did you know?

The name of the village of Baillargues appeared for the first time on a document dated 819 AD. 

A roman called Baillus had a villa. The domain expands and progressively becomes a village. During the 100 Years War an enclosure was built around the houses and the church. A 14th century door,  vestige of this rampart, remains today.

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Zoom on: The Frescoes of Baillargues

► In the Metropolis at Baillargues, along the old imperial road, you can admire a 94 m long mural painted by Claire Aton in 2018 and commemorating the Napoleonic epic!

► Another fresco represents Baillargues under the Revolution.

Adorning the old Maison du Peuple located in the heart of the city, rue de la Poste, the fresco of nearly 90m2 is presented as a play in which several sketches shed light on different aspects of everyday life in 1794.

On either side, six medallions represent three influential women and three men of the time:

  • Olympe de GOUGES, French woman of letters and politician, author of the Declaration of the Rights of Women and the Citizen
  • Anne-Josèphe THEROINE known as de MERICOURT, politician from Liège defending women's rights / Rosalie JULIEN, French letter writer and diarist
  • Jean-Antoine CHAPTAL, behind the complete reorganization of public education and in particular the creation of the School of Midwives. He was also Acting Minister of the Interior in 1801
  • Jean-Jacques-Régis de CAMBACERES, deputy for the French Revolution
  • Pierre -Joseph CAMBON, canvas merchant and Member of the National Assembly for Hérault.

► Another fresco is dedicated to the olive-growing tradition.

Located on rue Croix de Jallé, the old fresco was replaced in early 2020 by this new fresco dedicated to olive growing, produced by Claire Aton.

► A medieval fresco on the “traditional square”

The City has thus fitted out a new square, embellished by a fresco dedicated to the life of yesteryear. For this new achievement, the request was to recreate the atmosphere of a medieval village with its traders.

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