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Located 20 km north east of Montpellier, Saint-Drézéry is a small village grouped around its fourteenth century castle and a twelfth century church. A veritable font of wine production, it can be explored via the trails provided by the municipality. 

In the Middle Ages, Saint-Drézéry was a priory, the property of the Bishops of Maguelone.

In the seventeenth, it was a holiday destination for the clergy of Montpellier.

During the Revolution the castle was sold: Jean-Jacques Regis de Cambacérès, born in Montpellier, a lawyer then a member of the city council of Montpellier, acquired it in 1791.

His famous career however did not allow him to enjoy it; he became, in turn, a member of the Convention in 1792, Minister of Justice in 1799, Second Consul in 1800 and Chancellor of the Empire in 1804.

He was faithful to Napoleon and was one of the main actors in drafting the Civil Code.

On his death in 1824 he bequeathed the castle to the cathedral of Montpellier.

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