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At the western gates of Montpellier, Saint-Georges-d'Orques houses a known and renowned vineyard and many walking trails. Discover wines of quality (due to the nature of soils and their exposure) and the tambourin, a traditional sport. 

Do you know anything about Tambourin?

It's a traditional sport played in the region and also abroad, particularly in Italy.

The principle involves two teams of five players competing on a clay pitch separated by a line or rope.

Using a tambourin, a plastic racquet over which fabric is stretched, the players bat a rubber ball to and fro.

Saint-Georges-d'Orques has a very old tambourin club, created in 1921, and a good record of wins!


The village has existed since ancient times but its name first appeared in the eleventh century referring to St. George’s exploits. Legend has it that a young Christian officer in the Roman army stopped off in the area, which was being terrorised by a dragon.

The hungry monster had demanded the sacrifice of two young people, the king's daughter being one of those selected.

The young officer decided to fight the dragon and brought it down with his lance. This legend is honoured in the village on the facade of the wine cooperative, on the pediment of the church and also during a procession organised in April.

To Discover

The Town Hall Park; rich with mediterranean vegetation, a fountain and a pond, it offers a pleasant break with many organised activities, including concerts, open air cinema, live performances...

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