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The city of Montpellier

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Montpellier is sure to inspire you: from its medieval streets ideal for shopping to new neighbourhoods combining natural spaces and buildings designed by the greatest international architects, via its new modern tram lines designed by Christian Lacroix...

What to do on a weekend in Montpellier?

Don't miss a thing in Montpellier!

A southern city full of traditional and contemporary treasures, Montpellier is a Mediterranean crossroads, a charming and exceptional destination. A medieval city where the town centre, Place de la Comédie, Faculté de Médecine and Place Royale du Peyrou attract visitors from around the world, Montpellier is also a modern metropolis, open to contemporary architecture, science, culture and recreation.

But it also has many other assets. A protected area, made up of various landscapes between the sea 11km away, vineyards and mountains. A typical laid back Mediterranean atmosphere. Delicious food and wine bursting with sunshine. Exceptional cultural and sporting events...

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Guided tours
Historic centre - Faculté de médecine - Private mansions

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Street art guided tour
An unusual tour for a different look at the looking all around you!

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Visiting Montpellier also means...

Going on a cultural journey

In Montpellier, every neighbourhood is unique, illustrating 1,000 years of history.

A mix of modern and ancient architecture taking you from medieval streets to architectural feats designed by Ricardo Bofill, Jean Nouvel and Zaha Hadid...everything, in one of the 4 haute couture tram lines.

Discover the land through your taste buds

Your trip to Montpellier is not complete without tickling your taste buds!

The city has a total of 3 Michelin star restaurants in addition to other simpler, but equally thrilling delights; strolls through the sweet-smelling markets, Languedoc and Grés de Montpellier wines to enjoy in different restaurants or wine cellars in Montpellier, estates and follies such as the Château de Flaugergues and the Château de l'Engarran.

The Summer in Montpellier

Put your bags down and enjoy!

Montpellier, a city to see and experience!

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