Monument centre historique Montpellier - Aqueduc des Arceaux © Aqueduc des Arceaux - crédit Eric Brendle

Nearby, the warmth of the outskirts


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In Montpellier, you will find the Comédie square, the Peyrou garden, the Charles de Gaulle esplanade and the Saint-Roch church. In short: the historical and flamboyant Montpellier. However, like european capital cities such as London or Madrid, the city abounds with special neighbourhoods with individual and spicy identities. Their social mix makes them places which are full of life.

Figuerolles © Mission Grand Coeur

A little further, is the Arceaux neighbourhood, in the shade of the huge aqueduct which used to bring water to the city, some people are playing ‘pétanque’ (a form of bowls), with family or friends.

«No!! You should shoot instead!» advises Jean-Jacques.

«That’s impossible ! Let me do it my way» answers his wife confidently.

«When my husband leaves me in peace, we have the best times of the week here, summer or winter! » admits Maryse.

In the Celleneuve neighbourhood there is a superb farmer’s market favouring local produce and direct trading with the producer.

«This market came to life thanks to the residents’ initiative.

All this was possible because we do everything together like in a small village » explains Claude, an ex-serviceman;

It is in this neighbourhood that Léo Mallet was born and also most probably here that his main character Nestor Burma took shape.


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