Vue Vélo guidon Comédie © OTC3M

Get around by bike

Appreciate Montpellier's vast open spaces... with some 150 kilometers of bicycle paths at your disposal !

Velomagg 2018 © Crédit Olivier Octobre - TamWay

Good to know

Good to know before booking a Velomagg

Velomagg terminals only accept the following credit cards: 

  • MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, V pay.
  • Magnetic Strip Credit Cards and Cash Withdrawal Cards that are working only with cash machines aren't accepted

You will have to call the booking interactive voice-operated server number 09 69 39 00 99 (price of a local call, welcoming desk in French, English, Spanish and Italian) with your Credit Card. If the transaction is accepted an access code with a 7 days availability will be send to you (a French phone number will be required BUT a foreign phone number might be given but you must be carefull not to hide your number during the call so that it will be automatically recognized )

In France, more than 5,000 establishments have the label "Accueil Vélo", including the Montpellier Tourist Office! Since Summer 2019, in the small garden behind our reception desk on the Place de la Comédie, you will find

  • water point to fill your water bottle. And all of this is completely free!
  • Possibility of entrusting us with your VAE battery (electrically assisted bicycle), we load it for you!

But that's not all ! This label also guarantees you a warm welcome and advice specially adapted for you, cycling enthusiasts. Ideas for walks, weather, cyclo-friendly accommodation, and more! So do not hesitate, you and your two-wheeled companion are welcome.


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