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Get around by bus

Montpellier and the Hérault department benefit from a complete bus network that gives you direct and regular access to numerous tourist sites and other cities around the area.

TaM (Montpellier Agglomération Transport company) manages a network of 36 bus lines and 4 tramway lines (with a third on the way), plus a green initiative with its popular bicycle rental network for getting around the city of Montpellier and the Agglomération's 30 outlying cities.

Information about the TaM Network

Hérault Transport
For longer distances within the Hérault department, take Hérault Transport buses along its 68 regular lines to 1,800 different bus stops.

AMIGO, the bus to help you enjoy your night out with no worries...
Whether you're out for pop, rock, rap or techno, the AMIGO bus will get you to and from the disco with no worries.

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from midnight to 5:00 am (to 6:00 am in July and August), AMIGO takes a route that gives people-of-the-night a great way to get around safely, with stops at Poisson Rose > Cotton Club > Villa Rouge > Espace Latipolia: Oriental, Matchico, Pulp > Ö Bar > Havana Night > Côte à l'OS > Gloss > Milk > Maybe.

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How to go to the beach?

How to go to the beach?

  •  with TaM

DESTINATION PLAGE : Bus + Vélomagg Plage
Timetable bus line 32

  • with Hérault Transport

Timetable line 606

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