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Live Architecture
Festival Montpellier

The Festival des Architecures Vives allows visitors to discover ephemeral contemporary works in private mansions in Montpellier.

The next edition will take place in June 2023

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Ephemeral contemporary artwork in the interior courtyards of private mansions

Let us surprise you!

The FAV is also a poetic walk for everybody

The artworks, carried out specifically in harmony with the court in which they are exposed, are unique and last only during the festival.

Each year a different theme, for our greatest pleasure always renewed!

Some themes of the previous editions: the tenth, sensuality, souvenir, surprise, meeting, light and shadow...

The festival video

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Best of FAV

It's free !
Interior courtyards of private mansions,
usually closed to the public

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We like

Public invited to participate on the artwork
The gap between contemporary architecture and heritage

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The circuit

An hour ride through the streets of the historic center of Montpellier, with stops in the most beautiful interior courtyards of private mansions of the city.

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