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All our guided tours Must-See


Discover all our Must-See Montpellier Group Tours! Ideal for a first approach to the history of the “Ecusson”, day or night, and for all ages.

Our guided tours for groups


Key sites of the historical city centre

From Place de la Comédie to the Places de la Canourgue and du Peyrou, through the maze of medieval streets, follow your guide as you discover Montpellier through the ages.

Montpellier is a place of secrets. To uncover them, our guides will open doors to which only the Tourist Office holds the keys the courtyard of a 17th or 18th century private manor and access to YOUR CHOICE of one of these two sites:

• the famous Mikvé (a 12th century Jewish ritual bath), a real gem of Montpellier,

• a view of the city from on high, atop the Triumphal Arch !

From 188€ INCL.VAT/group – Groups of up to 30 people. Length: 2 hrs.**

**160€ fro small groups (under 10 indiv.)


The beating heart of medicine in the city

Montpellier owes its fame as the cradle of medical instruction to its school, the faculty of medicine in the Western world to be continuously in operation since its beginnings.

The guide will take you on a tour of the building, that served in turn as a Benedictine monastery founded in the 14th century, a bishop’s palace and then a school of health, as well as the extraordinary collections of the Conservatoire d’Anatomie Museum (20 min.) and the new Delmas-Orfila-Rouvière Room which houses an unusual anatomical collection from Dr Spitzner’s old sideshow museum.

Available exclusively via the Tourist Office !

From 250€ INCL.VAT/group** – Groups of up to 18 people. Not suitable for children under 12. Access to the anatomy conservatory is not included due to restoration work.

**215€ for small groups (under 10 indiv.)


From the Middle Ages to the 19th century

A tour of the courtyards of private mansions will give you the chance to discover how homes evolved in Montpellier between the Middle Ages and the 19th century.
From medieval hostals to 19th century income properties, set off on an architectural trip through space and time.

From 188€ INCL.VAT/Group**

*Groups up to 30 people. Monday to Friday

**160€ for small groups (under 10 indiv.)


Diversity in urban artistic creation

Huge mural paintings, bicycles that seem to fly, small mosaics on street corners, dancing faceless figures, giant writing on rooftops, collages and more… But what do all these images mean? Are they tags or graffiti? Vandalism or art?

Learn to look at the city differently as you discover international and local artists Mist, Space Invaders, BMX, SMOLE, AL and ZEST.

From 188€ INCL.VAT/Group**

*Groups up to 30 people

** 160€ for small groups (under 10 indiv.)


Along the Lez, nature takes over

Port Marianne is the ideal setting for an architectural précis in the heart of the urban forest. From the RBC Design Center, a temple of design signed by J. Nouvel, discover P. Starck’s Nuage and the water mirror. Cross the Rambla to see La Mantilla by J. Ferrier, a nod to the belles de Castille, and the André Levy Bridge, designed with great finesse by R. Ricciotti.

Enjoy the shimmering Koh I Noor by B. Bühler. Along the Lez, nature takes over. The walk ends near a cherry tree in flower: the White Tree by S. Fujimoto.

More than a visit, a contemporary epic.

From 188€ INCL.VAT/Group**

*Groups up to 30 people

**160€ for small groups (under 10 indiv.)



A masterpiece of an Italian-style theatre !

From the lobby to backstage, enter into the heart of this Italian-style theatre, inaugurated in 1888, the work of architect Joseph-Marie Cassien-Bernard (1848-1926), a student of Charles Garnier

The Montpellier Occitania National Opera Orchestra performs here, with its 93 musicians and a chorus of 31 singers.

Like perfect conductors, a stage manager and one of our guides will lead you on a discovery of the great room with its gilding and velvet seats.

From 250€ INCL.VAT/Group**

*Groups up to 30 people. Monday to Friday.

** 215€ for small groups (under 10 indiv.)


Montpellier’s heritage under a new light

It may be luminous during the day, but Montpellier really sparkles after nightfall.

An unusual route along Tram Line 4 to discover the city’s illuminated heritage:

  • the Tours des Pins and de la Babote (remains of the old ramparts);
  • Boulevard du jeu de paume and Arc de Triomphe;
  • the courthouse, the chevet of Montpellier Cathedral, and Place Albert 1er.

The high point of the tour is always the panoramic view of all this glorious heritage from atop the Arc de Triomphe.

From 188€ INCLU.VAT/Group**

*Groups of up to 30 people.

**160€ for small groups (under 10 indiv.)