Street art Montpellier © Street art Montpellier - OT Montpellier M.Hess

Street Art

Montpellier is one of the few cities in France where all artistic forms of street art can be found together and this, on each side street.

Old or new, amateur or professional, the street art is all over the city.

Some date from the start of the 20th century.

Others from the beginning of the 21st century.

Even though a century stands between the murals and the grafittis, the art is the same.

and their objectives too.

«Our modest objective is to delight the greatest number of people but also to make people raise their head from their smartphones» explains a street artist.

In Montpellier, ephemeral projects bloom a little bit everywhere.

For example in the Rondelet district, where the street artist Mist enlivens the façade of a house.

Or in the Arceaux district, where the street artists Al Sticking, Smole and Salamèche redecorated a house where each room had its own atmosphere, its own mark and its own questions.


« In Montpellier the Verdanson area is the cradle of graffiti and street art. The work of several generations of street artists can be found there» explains a Montpellier well known street artist who prefers to remain anonymous.

A religion for these artists who are often in their ivory tower.

«On our own or with friends we have as much pleasure tagging as a musician has playing the violin » he adds.

And in the Verdanson, the music is sometimes voluptuous and sometimes polemical. Overall it is an indicator of the questioning of the society at different times.

«we always try to keep ahead by painting tomorrow’s societal challenges» confesses the artist.

street art verdanson

street art montpellier © Editions Chabot - OT Montpellier

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The street art buzz which is spreading in Montpellier gave birth to a strong community of users of Instagram, the photo sharing application.

Passionate. Free. Observant. Enthusiastic. Artistic…

More than 2.000 Instagram users take to the street of Montpellier tirelessly  in search of the unusual picture or the most dramatic view.

«What is interesting is to see that the same place can be photographed a thousand different ways. Everyone has their own view» explains Sigrid (34 years old) alias @ettisi, one of the three Instagram user managers called « manigers »

But Instagram also fulfills a social network role.

« We make real and beautiful encounters thanks to Instagram», confirms Maïa, alias @I_trema_a. 4 years ago, Sigrid and her didn’t know one another. Since their first meeting they have been inseparable.

« We were never likely to meet » they explain. It is only thanks to Instagram that this was possible. One of this application’s qualities is to appeal to all generations.

«From 7 to 77 years old!» assured Maïa. «My 10 year old son has an account and a grand mother often asks us when the next instameet will take place».

Instameet ? "Yes, we organise regular meetings between members"  explains Sigrid. A meeting point is given at a specific place in the city and everyone can exchange technical advice, chat and admire other people’s pictures.

It is like a a welcome break to this life in the fast lane.

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