Montpellier Street Art

Montpellier Street-Art

Montpellier is one of few cities in France where street art trends mingle on every street corner.

Half a BMX that looks like it’s bursting out of the wall. Why not? There are lots of different sides to Montpellier. If you keep your eyes peeled, you’ll see that the city is jam-packed with art. Yes, graffiti is definitely an art form thank you very much.

Murals, mosaics, letters, shapes, collages, stencils, stickers and more from local and international artists who bring the city to life.

Entire walls are allocated to graffiti artists in Rondelet, Écusson has been taken over by Space Invaders and galleries play host to big names on the street art scene.

Street art lifestyle

Retro or modern, amateur or professional, street art is all over town. Rue du Bras de Fer is a great place to start. 😉

There may be a hundred years between trompe l’oeil and graffiti but it’s the same art. And the same end goal.

Our humble goal is to dazzle people and make people look up from their smartphones”, one graffiti artist says.

There are pieces popping up all over Montpellier. Just take the Rondelet district where Mist has brightened up a house.

Or Arceaux where the street artists Al Sticking, Smole and Salamèche took over a house where every room had its own atmosphere, personality and vision.

Verdanson Street art Hotbed

Verdanson is Montpellier’s hotbed for graffiti and street art. It’s home to several generations of street artists“, says one of the city’s well-known graffiti artists.

But he prefers to remain anonymous. A religion for these one-of-a-kind artists. “Whether we’re alone or in a group, we get as much pleasure from graffiti as a musician gets from playing the violin“, he smiles.

And the music in Verdanson can be soothing or it can be consuming. Primarily, it’s thought-provoking and explores society through the ages. “We always try to stay one step ahead of the game and depict social issues of the future“, says the artist.

GOOD TO KNOW: Take tram line 4 and stop at Les Aubes to reach Verdanson.

Baillargues murals

► Outside the city in Baillargues, feast your eyes on a 94m long mural painted by Claire Aton in 2018 to commemorate the Napoleonic period on the former Route Impériale!

► Another fresco depicts Baillargues during the French Revolution.