ZAT 2013 © ZAT - Ville de Montpellier

The ZAT Montpellier - Zone Artistique Temporaire (Artistic Temporary Zone)

The ZAT - Zone Artistique Temporaire (Temporary Artistic Zone) are urban spectacles and surprises that take place in a district of Montpellier, one to two times per year.

Zone artistique urbaine - ZAT Montpellier ©  ZAT Montpellier - Ville de Montpellier

Every year, a district of Montpellier in the spotlight

Show and street art in Montpellier: the ZAT

Every year a new district

Antigone in 2010
Parc Méric in 2011
Port Marianne in 2011
Celleneuve in 2012
Arceaux in 2012
Mosson / Paillade in 2013
Boutonnet / Beaux-Arts in 2013
Malbosc in 2014
Grisettes in 2015
Figuerolles in 2016

The Parc Montcalm in 2017...

Each year the ZAT surprises us by taking place in a new and unexpected place.

What will the next edition bring ?

The ZAT Montpellier

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