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The ZAT (Temporary Artistic Zone) An artistic event in a district of Montpellier Next edition on December 21rst 2023

In 2023, the ZAT will take place in the context of the launch of free public transport for the inhabitants of the Metropole

The ZAT (Temporary Artistic Zone) What is it ?

The ZAT (Temporary Artistic Zone) has become in twelve editions, an essential meeting place in Montpellier in terms of artistic creation.

Launched in 2010, it has established itself in the Montpellier cultural landscape and has won significant popular success.

The ZAT reflects the identity of Montpellier, an active and creative European city, and promotes “living together”, based on an artistic exploration of the different districts of the city.

All kinds of artistic practices are presented every year: sculpture, painting, video, dance, music, circus, acting…

NEW: ZAT 2023 will celebrate the launch of free public transport for all residents of the Metropole – From midday until midnight, this temporary art zone will be inviting you to take a trip!



The event is free


Download the schedule directly here (in French)

How to go there

Where does it take place ? each year in a different district in Montpellier