Nouvelles Halles Laissac © Ville de Montpellier

A delicious covered market

A delicious covered market

A promise is a promise. The new Halles Laissac has just opened its doors to you on December 1rst. You’ll want to keep your eyes open as you do your grocery shopping inside this veritable work of art. Look upwards, and you’ll see why. Under the multi-coloured, micro-perforated cloth adorning the dome, you’ll almost feel like you’re inside a melon.

Hats off to the artist, Mona Young-Eun Kim, a student at the Fine Arts School of Montpellier whose project has been a great success. It’s both beautiful and friendly: The butcher talks turkey with the fishmonger, the baker chews the fat with the pastry chef, and you are in an excited discussion with the florist. You can even have a bite to eat in the middle! One thing is certain: your cooking will be at its most inspired with your purchases from the new covered marketplace.



Picto coeur


The melon-shaped dome

Picto plus

Added bonus

A friendly place to shop for groceries

Picto étoile

What not to miss

The small photo of the dome in the sun

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