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Culture everywhere, for everyone

Culture everywhere, for everyone

The most beautiful treasures aren’t always the best hidden. At the Musée Fabre for example, pieces by the greatest masters in the history of art jockey for position. Gustave Courbet is on display there, Pierre Soulages has his own room, and fantastic exhibitions follow one after the other. In fact, you have until 10 march to come and discover "Invisible is visible" by the artist Alexandre Hollan.

Right nearby at La Panacée, you have a date with Cookbook 19': about connections between Arts and Cooking.  Have we aroused your curiosity? 


Tip: Take a photographic plunge with Andy Summers the guitarist of the mythic rockband "The Police" but also a talented Photographer at the Pavillon Populaire from February 6th to April 14th 2019.

Picto coeur


The Musée Fabre and its masterpieces

Picto plus

Added bonus

The exhibition Cookbook 19' on the links between Arts and Cooking

Picto étoile

What not to miss

The free exhibition at the Pavillon Populaire, Andy Summers a certain strangeness


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