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Culture everywhere and for everyone

Montpellier is a real open-air museum. Between classic and modern, culture is everywhere, all the time.

In museums

In Montpellier Méditerranée, art and culture are everywhere!

The most beautiful treasures are not always hidden. At the Musée Fabre, for example, the works of the greatest masters in the history of art are on display. Gustave Courbet’s works are exhibited there, the artist Pierre Soulages has his own room and there are many good exhibitions. It is one of the most visited museums in France!

If you’re more into contemporary art, head for the MO.CO. and the MO.CO. Panacée.

Don’t forget that third-party venues such as the Halle Tropisme regularly offer quality exhibitions.

Whatever the case, you’ll always find art, and often for free, like at the Pavillon Populaire, the Espace Dominique Bagouet and the Espace Saint-Ravy!

Did you know? The city of Montpellier is a candidate for the “European Capital of Culture 2028”.

In the streets

Magic, music, dance, theatre… In Montpellier, street art is part of the landscape.

You walk past, you stop, you smile, you forget where you are and where you are going, for a few minutes. Then you leave again.

A sort of cultural interlude. “Come on, clap your hands, ladies and gentlemen, and get closer, don’t die”, exclaim these hip-hop dancers, whose steps set the Place de la Comédie alight.

Elsewhere, it is a completely different show that attracts the curious: a painter has installed his spray-painted works in the rue de la loge. A little further on, a small man tries to attract the eyes of the crowd with his accordion.

Every year, the ZATs (Temporary Artistic Zones) celebrate this love of street art: each time in a different district, artists come down to the foot of the buildings to get closer to the inhabitants.

Must-sees of the artistic life in Montpellier

Music everywhere

Many bars and music clubs in the city centre (the Rockstore, the Black Sheep, the Black Out, the JAM…) and in the metropolis (the Secret Place, Victoire 2…) offer small and large concerts, on a corner table or on large stages.

Some of them have given rise to talents that are recognised outside the borders of Le Clapas: the indisputable Regg’Lyss, Rhinocérose, Yoann Fréget, Panzer Flower or Émilie Simon are some of the children of Montpellier.

If you want to see international headliners, head to the Zénith-Sud and the Sud de France Arena.

They have hosted the greatest: Beyoncé, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Scorpions, Bruce Springsteen, Mylène Farmer or David Guetta, The Cure…

The music resonates at festivals too.

Guitar, world music, classical, old-time music, brass bands, techno… there’s something for everyone!

Among the must-see events, the Internationales de la Guitare, at the Festival de Radio France Occitanie Montpellier, Arabesques, the fanfares festival, I love techno…

In theaters

Slipping into the seat of a small café-theatre is a real treat that you don’t want to miss.

At the Point Comédie, the Kawa Théâtre, or the Comédie du Mas du Pont (in Le Crès), you can discover little talents of humour, stand-up comedy or boulevard comedy.

Other venues, such as the Théâtre de la Plume, the Théâtre Gérard-Philippe, the Vista or Jean-Vilar, perpetuate  the tradition of neighbourhood stages, while innovating with often surprising theatrical forms.

Then there is dance. Montpellier has no reason to be ashamed of its status as the international capital of dance.

Through the festival and the annual programme of Montpellier Danse, and the hosting for several years of the Battle of the Year, which crowns the best hip-hop dancers in the world, the capital of Hérault has made its steps known throughout the world.