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Maximum pleasure at Odysseum

Maximum pleasure at Odysseum

Odysseum doesn’t do things half-way. The open-air shopping centre has plenty of options for a great day out: an aquarium, a planetarium, a skating rink, a climbing wall, a vertical wind tunnel, and the list goes on. In other words, it’s not just about shopping. People come to learn how asteroids are formed, how sharks hunt their prey or what space suits do. For your everyday shopping, to raid the semi-annual clearance sales or for an afternoon of family fun, Odysseum has the solution.



Tip: Come and do your Christmas shopping here, and enjoy the brass bands, mascots, ice sculptures, sweets workshops, gospels concerts and more. The holiday season is no joke at Odysseum.

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A place for the whole family

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Added bonus

Relaxing and doing your Christmas shopping

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What not to miss

The activities during the holiday season

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