Maximum pleasure at Odysseum Montpellier

Maximum pleasure at Odysseum

Enter the era of open-air shopping at the Odysseum Shopping Centre! Aerial setting, modern and warm architecture, new brands…

With the Odysseum terminus station of line 1 of the tram arriving right in the middle of the shops, the Odysseum shopping centre offers you a unique soft link with the surroundings and the heart of Montpellier.

Shopping and leisure Destination: Odysseum

Odysseum doesn’t do things half-way.

The open-air shopping centre has plenty of options for a great day out: an aquarium, a planetarium, a skating rink, a climbing wall, a vertical wind tunnel, and the list goes on.

In other words, it’s not just about shopping. People come to learn how asteroids are formed, how sharks hunt their prey or what space suits do.

For your everyday shopping, to raid the semi-annual clearance sales or for an afternoon of family fun, Odysseum has the solution.


With every 2 City Cards purchased, a €10 Odysseum Shopping Centre gift card is offered! (while stocks last). For each additional city card, 5€ added to the card.

Your Ticket to AdventureMontpellier City Card

From 19€. Discounts and freebies. Save up to 60% with the 24 hr City Card!

Visit more, spend less.

A day  at Odysseum Shopping and Leisure Centre

The kingdom of shopping

Relaxing and going to the season sales

What we love

A place for the whole family: restaurants, leisure, shops…

The good thing

The activities during the holiday season

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