Marché du Lez © Laurent Vilarem

Shop local at the Marché du Lez

Shop local at the Marché du Lez

What? You’ve never heard of it? The Marché du Lez is sort of the latest hot spot in Montpellier. And it’s easy to see why. This creative space, built up on old agricultural premises along the Lez River, will necessarily give you some ideas (and make you look cool, to boot). Bric-a-brac traders chat with entrepreneurs, designers eat brunch from the food trucks, and artists of all kinds cross paths along the walkways of this village within the city.

People come to bargain hunt, get inspired and stroll around, but above all, they come to develop the region and its local know-how in a cheerful open-air atmosphere.


Tip: Enjoy the Rooftop opening soon !

Picto coeur


This space which exhales creativity

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Added bonus

The street food part of the market

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What not to miss

The numerous events during the year


Overlooking the food court and articulated on two levels, the Rooftop du Lez is the second space of the Halles du Lez open since September 2020
Vegetated terraces, careful decoration mixing contemporary and bohemian inspirations, street art works ... here shape a unique atmosphere conducive to relaxation and tasting good products!

And it's happening at the French brasserie Pompadour and its rooftop Toi Toit Mon Toit and at Muchacha, a party bar and Latin American inspired sharing restaurant. Like the Lez Market and its Halls, the Lez Rooftop turns into a living space and breathes a different atmosphere.


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