At ease at  Marché du Lez Shop local

Keep it casual at Marché du Lez

Lez Market is the place to be for second-hand stalls, traders, food trucks, restaurants and more on brownfields on the banks of the Lez.

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Shop local at the Marché du Lez

What? You’ve never heard of it? The Marché du Lez is the hottest place to be in Montpellier. You’ll see why.

This creative hub on former agricultural land along the Lez is bound to inspire you (and make you feel trendy). Second-hand goods dealers chat with business owners, creatives have brunch at local eateries and artists of all kinds get together in this village in the city.

Go bargain hunting, get inspired, have a wander and, most importantly, celebrate the area and its local expertise in a laidback social atmosphere.


Top tips!

Work-bike-drinks: hit the bike path after work in the city centre for a few drinks.

Whether it’s a special occasion or not, Lez Market is bursting with great gift ideas.

An evening at Lez market

What we love

This creative village in the city centre


It’s easy to reach by bike


The street food area and Halles du Lez with its gourmet feast and DJ sets

Marché du Lez Good addresses