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Pic Saint-Loup

Located in the hinterland of Montpellier, Pic Saint-Loup is both one of the most beautiful natural sites in the area and the location of one of the best hiking trails of the garrigue. From its summit, views stretch over the plains and the coast. 

Located 25 minutes from Montpellier, Pic Saint-Loup rises up at the start of the Cévennes foothills in an area of scrubland (garrigue) to the north of Montpellier.

Its peak, reached by a one hour hiking trail, rises to 658 metres, is marked by a chapel and cross and offers breathtaking panoramas.

The vegetation, characteristically adapted to summer drought, is made up of several typically Mediterranean species — Holm oak, Kermes oak, Aleppo pine, Arbutus trees...

These help to make up the fragant nature of wines from Pic Saint-Loup.

'Coteaux du Languedoc AOC' - Pic Saint Loup, is the most northerly of Languedoc's appellations.

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Climb to the summit of Pic St Loup

6 km of marked trails enable you to reach the summit of Pic Saint-Loup, the terroir of renowned wines. Allow around 2 1/2 hours for the return hike to this must-visit mountain of the region.

And what a sight from the top! Pic Saint-Loup dominates the Montpellier garrigue from its 658 metres. To the north, Mont Hortus and then, to the north-west, the view reaches the Cévennes. To the east, the plain of Nîmes and beyond you can see the Rhône Valley, Mont Ventoux, the Alpilles and the Luberon.

The Camargue lies to the south-east. To the south, the plain of Montpellier, the Mediterranean and its coastal lagoons. Finally, on the south-western horizon, you can see the Canigou and the Corbières.

The landscape is so varied that you are certain to forget the effort of the climb (be sure to wear suitable footwear). Park in the village of Cazvieille on the D 113. Start on the GT60
marked in red and white.

You can also take a 13km path, medium difficulty, about 5 hours!

In Montpellier take the blue tram Line 1, Occitanie stop, at the tram parking lot take the 615 bus (Montpellier> Quissac line: herault-transport.fr / 04 34 888 999)
In Saint-Mathieu, get off at the first stop ‘’ Avenue de Montpellier ‘’.

Did you know?

The north face of the peak is a sheer, 150-metre cliff. It was once dominated by a wooden cross that young girls would prick with a needle in the hope of being wed within the year.

A metal cross replaced it in 1911 and young people today still touch the copper nail at the foot of the cross.

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