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Beautiful castles and Folies from the 18th century are located in Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole

Château de Flaugergues © Château de Flaugergues - OT Montpellier

Château de Flaugergues

Château de la Mogère : The 4 seasons

Children run through the gardens, while ladies take tea in the drawing-room, and Monsieur is busy at his desk writing letters. This Folly, silhouetted among the pines, plunges us into the heart of the Montpellier’s history through the life of the Boussairolles, one of the city’s grandest families.

From Fulcran Limozin, secretary to the King who bought the estate in 1706, to the Viscount of Saporta, the ninth generation and present owner, the château de la Mogère’s history has seen many upheavals over the centuries.

The interior, decorated with family portraits, gypsum mouldings and paintings traverse the seasons and projects us into the past.

The Viscount strolls through the rooms, with their Louis XV or Empire period furnishings and escorts his guests through the gardens, a mixture of the English and French styles, where a sequence of statues, aqueducts and a superb wall fountain (a classified as a Historic Monument), follow one another in the shadow of the pines.

Château de Mogère © Château de Mogère

Château de la Mogère


From gardens to vines

 This 18th century building is one of the most beautiful Follies in Montpellier.It has combined wine and fine architecture since its construction in 1632, on the site of an old farm.

Following a long  winegrowing tradition, the property’s vines are in the PDO of Saint Georges d'Orques.

At the entrance, the visitor is immediately struck by the château’s elegance. Two powerful Atlases adorn the façade, entwined with vine vines to symbolize the property's wine production

On the pediment above the door, a group of three cherubs surrounded by roses symbolize love, festivities, and Bacchanalia.

Let the wine always fl ow and the revelry continue... For revelry is still very much the order of the day here: the property regularly organizes festive evenings for wine lovers.

The cherry on the cake: Château de l’Engarran has its own wine museum, with a display of the various equipment that have been used since 1885. The park is like a fabulous poem, with an ornate French-style garden, designed around two round ponds decorated with statues, and a beautiful wall fountain.

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