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Heritage Castles and follies

Castles and follies

Beautiful castles and Follies from the 18th century are located in Montpellier and its surroundings.

From the end of the 17th century, noblemen started to build houses outside the city so that to do “Follies” (french way to say spend a lot of money).

These confortably off families living year-round in their private mansions in the centre of the city, move in their summerhouse Follies with their furniture and luggage as soon as the summer is coming.


Montpellier has many other ‘follies’, elegant country houses designed for aristocrats. Today, it is possible to visit most of these gardens.


The Domaine de Grammont is a superb 90-hectare park and château, which gives
the impression of having been there since the dawn of time. However, of the former  priory founded in the 12th century, only the chapter house remains, which is now used by the town hall for wedding ceremonies.
The buildings are surrounded by a vast area of park land, not far from the stables of
the equestrian centre in Grammont; while joggers and walkers enjoy the park, art lovers appreciate the national theatre the Zénith Sud performing arts centre.


This Folly was built in the 17th century, but the Domaine de Restinclières remains very active, and has continued its agricultural activities. This 215 ha green area, now belongs to the Department and is dedicated to environmental awareness and education. In addition to a French-style garden, the estate includes farmland, woods and a park with sign-posted paths. An ideal place for Sunday walks and picnics!


Louis XV donated this farm, located on the banks of the Mosson river in the commune of Lavérune, to the Baron de la Mosson.

Planted in its park of more than 50 hectares and its English-style gardens, and dotted with the horses of the manade, the estate has just been rehabilitated by its owner, which includes prestigious guest rooms and is used as a venue for seminars.


21st century Follies