Opéra Comédie Montpellier © Opera Comédie - Orchestre National Montpellier - Marc Ginot

Opéra Comédie /Berlioz

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Like the great capitals, Montpellier has two opera houses at which the Montpellier Occitania National Opera Orchestra perform.

Opéra Comédie Montpellier © Opéra Comédie Montpellier - Orchestre-National-Montpellier-Marc-Ginot

A superb Italian style theatre

Opéra Comédie/Berlioz

Opéra Berlioz © Opéra Berlioz @L.Martorell

Opéra Berlioz, the city’s second opera house is more oriented to symphonic music. Credit picture: L.Martorell

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