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The Faculty of Medicine

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The birth place of medicine in Montpellier. The establishment has been famous for the quality of its teaching for centuries.

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Faculté de médecine Montpellier © Faculté de médecine - OT Montpellier M.Tronel-Peyroz

The Conservatory of Anatomy seems to hold a particular fascination.

Faculty of Medicine

Montpellier hosts its new Faculty of Medicine

Since September 2017 - Medical students will be able to tread the ground of the new Faculty of Medicine and take their place in this new setting, between modern architecture and the latest technologies. But it is without counting the details that echo the prestigious past of this institution in Montpellier. (Architect: François FONTES).

Only Accessible with the guided tours organized by the Tourism Office. Guided Tours in French for now. 

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The new Faculty of Medicine @OT3M M.Remignon

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