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800th anniversary Faculty of Medicine from Montpellier

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In 2020, Montpellier will celebrate the 800th anniversary of its Faculty of Medicine which was created in 1220 !

Application Fabre and the City 2

The Fabre Museum is offering a geo-localized application from October 10 to explore the history of medicine and art in Montpellier. A lively discovery of emblematic places and monuments in the history of medicine and pharmacy, carried out as part of the 800th anniversary of the Faculty of Medicine.

A fun proposition through scripted game routes, for a cultural walk, a moment shared with family or a game experience with friends.
3 game paths will be offered to you "free", "family" and "adventure"

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Our boutique products for 800 years

In our shop at the Tourist Office, find our products "800 years of the Faculty of Medicine":

  •  Book FR 900 years Faculty of Medicine, at 35 € public price
  • Montpellier Book of Scientists in Discoveries - € 24.90
  • Teaching medicine in Montpellier book, 35 €
  • Special Quintessence herbal tea 800 years (This herbal tea, scented with hibiscus, has healing properties. Composed of plants for blood circulation, to drain the liver and to eliminate toxins, its therapeutic virtues will revitalize your body)
  •     Montpellier tourist ticket / Paris Mint - 2 €
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  • Faculty of Medicine card stamped 800 years / Polaroid Card of the Faculty of Medicine / Panoramic postcard - € 1.50
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Faculté de Médecine © OT Montpellier

The Faculty of Medicine celebrates its 800th anniversary

Faculté de médecine © OT Montpellier

Faculty of Medicine

Highlights to come

Among the highlights of the anniversary:
From January 1, 2020, a tramway in the colors of this celebration will run throughout the year with portraits of eminent personalities such as Rabelais, Nostradamus, Gui de Chauliac and Lapeyronie.
From February 28 to October 31, 2020, the Fabre museum and the Atger museum (attention currently closed) share an exhibition on the representations of bodies and the affinity between "Art and Anatomy"
The exhibition "Le corps à cœur" until October 17, 2020 with a selection of historical objects and anatomy pieces, compared to current medical imagery.
►The exhibition "The great figures of medicine" until November 02, 2020

The Pharmacopoeia exhibition in the private mansion of Cabrières-Sabatier d'Espeyran from October 10 until January 10, 2021
The "Possédé.e.s" exhibition at the Panacée until January 3, 2021
Throughout the year, specific visits will be offered with the Tourist Office in French, English and sign language
► Fun evenings and murders and mysteries in the premises of the Faculty
►Launch of the "Fabre and the City 2" application on October 10
Futurapolis at the Opéra Comédie on October 9 and October 10

Tramway 800 ans Faculté de Médecine © OTC3M Marine Hess

Tramway - 800th anniversary

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