Comédie du livre Montpellier  © Comédie du livre - OT Montpellier M.Havard

La Comédie du Livre de Montpellier - Book fair

La Comédie du livre (book fair) is a big literature party that takes place in Montpellier, at Place de la Comédie and the Esplanade Charles de Gaulle. Meetings, signings, conferences...

Comédie du livre Montpellier - grand événement © Comédie du livre - OT Montpellier M.Havard

A guest country each year

La Comédie du Livre : the literature party!

Each year a new theme

Germany, United Kingdom, Algeria, Nordic literature, Iberian, American... and Switzerland in 2019!

A quality program: meetingssigning,exhibitions,following the theme but also authors of the moment!

Comédie du Livre Guided tours

Every year the Tourist Office offers a Comédie du Livre guided tour (2 hours)

Discover "Montpellier, literature", an approach to find authors whose destiny is linked to Montpellier: André Gide, Henry James, Frederic Jacques Temple, Gaston Baissette, Max Rouquette... 

Texts, stories, authors comments will guide you through the alleys, squares and gardens.

A must-do visit!

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