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The Comédie du livre The meeting place for literature in Montpellier Next edition in May 2025

The Comédie du livre What is it ?

A 10-day festival, with literary and artistic shows hosted in different cultural, heritage and natural places in the city of Montpellier and its metropolis;

During the 37th edition, the formats were redesigned: an opening to all European literature, always encounters, but many more creations crossed with other aesthetics (music, dance, cinema, video games), readings musical concerts, cartoon concerts, translation workshops, philosophical snacks, song, a literary ball, storytelling naps for young and old.

Guest authors and artists regularly offer white cards on various subjects.



The event is free


Download the schedule here – not available yet

How to go there ?

Where does it take place ? Place royale du Peyrou, Domaine d’O and other cultural places in Montpellier.