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Festival Montpellier Danse

Montpellier Danse is a world-renowned contemporary dance festival bringing thousands of spectators together in Montpellier.

Next edition in 2023

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An exceptional program each year for the summer festival

Festival International Montpellier Danse

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History of the Agora

A historical building which facades are classified in the inventory of historical monuments in 1991.

At this location was founded in 1357 a convent which was partially destroyed in 1562. Will succeed, since the late Middle Ages, three religious communities before the order of St. Ursula comes to found a new monastery in 1641 the Ursuline convent. It was between 1654 and 1680 that the building, as we know it today is built. In the XIXth century the building became Central House of Detention for women, before being requisitioned by the army and turned into barracks. In 1986, the building was eventually acquired by the City of Montpellier who installs the choreographic center before becoming officially in 2010 Agora, International City of Dance.
 To learn more about this magical place, do not hesitate to follow a guided tour.

L’Agora, City of Dance

The Agora, International City of Dance in Montpellier, it's located in the heart of the old Ursuline convent. A unique place for dance in Europe.

The Agora was opened in October 2010. Entirely dedicated to the creation and dissemination of dance, it is a place of convergence, exchange and meeting between audience and performers.

The Agora includes offices and workrooms of the famous Summer Festival and its season, Montpellier Danse and the National Choreographic Centre in Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon.
Two studios for creation and rehearsals, an artist residency center, a multipurpose space for the reception of public, public spaces (changing rooms, toilets) complete the building.

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