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District Boutonnet sweetness of life


Boutonnet is a rather residential neighbourhood with a bucolic, lively and modern feel.

Arts City

A district where learning is concentrated, with the CREPS (Centre de Ressources d’Expertise et de Performance Sportive), the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Faculty of Education, but also the Cité des Arts.

The Cité des Arts – dance, music, theatre, regional conservatory, also offers readings, master classes, workshops and courses, rehearsals and concerts… Several courses are offered, from early learning to the preparatory cycle, in more than 50 disciplines. The teaching is spread over the Montpellier site (Grasset) and the Castries and Cournonterral sites.

The Conservatory is also a place of exchange, diffusion and creation.

District Boutonnet

From Beaux-Arts, we continue our walk to Boutonnet, which
begins with the delightfully tranquil Saint Odile park. Particularly appreciated by the older generation, Boutonnet is a very green district, which is quieter but just as pleasant.

A residential neighbourhood, it is also home to the Cité Universitaire (Rue du Faubourg Boutonnet), where a substantial number of students from the Faculties of Arts and Sciences live, ensuring that the area is not lacking in energy or youth!

Boutonnet has a village atmosphere with its various shops: butcher, pork butcher, baker, florist, and grocers where you can do your  shopping before plunging into the welcome greenery of the Domaine de Méric park (Rue de Ferran), a superb park covering more than 10 hectares, where the painter Bazille and his family lived in the 19th century. Here we can enjoy a beautiful walk between the fruit trees to the banks of the Lez that flows below.