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District Port-Marianne contemporary architecture and river Lez banks


The city’s newest district, Port-Marianne attracts students and young working people with a wide range of activities and entertainment venues.

The district’s contemporary, designer-style architecture, which mixes offices, housing and buildings by top architects, brings a new dimension to the city: a modernity that contrasts with the historical centre.

Families come here to have lunch in the sun on the terraces that look out over the water around the Bassin Jacques-Coeur; there is a “green route” bike path along the river Lez to Palavas-les Flots; there is also a lively bar and restaurant scene, and lots of green spaces for sports.

Contemporary Architecture

The giant blue cube of the Hôtel de Ville, designed by architects Jean Nouvel and François Fontès, the Folie Divine built by Farshid Moussavi in the Lironde district, the Nuage designed by Philippe Starck on Avenue Raymond Dugrand or the Arbre Blancdesigned by Sou Fujimoto, Nicolas Laisné and Manal Rachdi… there is no shortage of daring buildings.

Stroll Around bassin Jacques Coeur

This is one of the most famous districts of Port-Marianne.

Built around a basin that recalls the shape of the Écusson, it is made up of elegant buildings designed by renowned architects, such as the Koh-I-Noor, a building with a glass façade that reflects the sun’s reflections in different colours.

Organize your day in Port-Marianne


Odysseum is a leisure and commercial centre: a multiplex cinema, leisure facilities (ice rink, aquarium – planetarium, etc.), restaurants and major retailers.

The Georges Frêche high school, located in this district, trains for the hotel and restaurant trades. The building has a training restaurant: come and taste the gastronomic cuisine offered by the students! Twelve rooms are also available at low prices.

By bike

It’s easy to head for the sea along the banks of the Lez! Get on your bike, from here the sea is only 11.5 km away: after 35 minutes of pedalling, you can dip your feet in the Mediterranean Sea!

Extrême Sports Festival

The Montpellier International Extreme Sports Festival(FISE) is the biggest extreme sports competition in Europe, with riders from all over the world, true champions in their category who travel the continents to show their supremacy.

Montpellier : Hôtel de ville et quartier Port Marianne
Montpellier : Hôtel de ville et quartier Port Marianne
Montpellier : Hôtel de ville et quartier Port Marianne