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Districts Village atmosphere in Figuerolles and Celleneuve Montpellier

Village atmosphere in Figuerolles and Celleneuve

Districts of Montpellier

Figuerolles and Celleneuve are two of Montpellier’s most popular districts, that reflect the city’s broad social and cultural mix.

Located below the Ecusson, they can be reached by going down the Rue des Etuves, from Place de la Comédie, then crossing the Boulevard du Jeu de Paume now crossed by the tram.


Located between the Jeu de Paume and Les Arceaux, Figuerolles is one of the districts that really embodies “village life in the city”.

Nearly everyone seems to know each other! Residents, shopkeepers, and restaurateurs talk on the sidewalks, and the outdoor cafés are busy from morning to night. Young people come to spend their day there, the old folk play cards, and the workers return for lunch.

This neighbourhood, which has existed since the 19th century, consists of small buildings and individual houses, and is ideal for those who appreciate food from around the world.
Spain, Maghreb, Lebanon, Italy, France… all the cuisines of the  Mediterranean are represented.

Figuerolles’s famous market, which has now moved a few streets to the Plan Cabanes neighbourhood, is still prized for its fruit and vegetables at unbeatable prices. It is impossible to walk around here
without doing some shopping!

Popular and lively, Figuerolles also has numerous community  associations, private theatres, and of course grocery stores and food shops.


We continue our walk to Celleneuve, another village in the city and historic Montpellier district.

Its little villas, small tree-lined squares where you can have a coffee, the farmers’ market, and its independent cinema give it a strong, authentic personality.

More than a district, it has a real identity to be explored!