Nîmes near Montpellier France

Nîmes, South of France

The city of Nîmes dates back to the 6th century BC. Hundreds of years of history, architecture, art and passions have forged a treasure large enough to touch all visitors, however different they are.

Nimes things to do

Nîmes has kept numerous of traces of its past-covering both the fine and dark moments. Proud of its roots, it is always ready to go ahead and build its future.

The Roman Arena, The Maison Carrée,  The Jardins de la Fontaine, The gates of the Roman town… discover Nimes’ monuments.

Sited in the middle of nature and warmed by the southern sun, Nîmes has outstanding quality of life.

In Nîmes, the cocktail of terraces, squares, gardens, fountains and gastronomy results in outstanding charm.

Nearby: the Pont du Gard, the aqueduct that brought water to Nîmes.