CathedraleStPierre_horizontaleCathédrale St Pierre Otm Montpellier (17) Min

The great Lady of stones St Peter's Cathedral

Located at the bottom of the Place de la Canourgue and next to the Faculty of Medicine, we look up, a little impressed, on this great Lady of stones.

An example of Southern Gothic

A bit of History

It became a Cathedral in 1536 when the Archdiocese of Maguelone was transferred to Montpellier, Saint-Pierre was originally the chapel of the Benedictine monastery of Saint-Benoît.

A must-see: the porch, an imposing canopy supported by huge circular piers 4.55m in diameter that once bore the coat of arms of Urban V, a student and teacher in Montpellier, then appointed bishop before being elected pope in Avignon (1362).

As great example of Southern Gothic, it is the only medieval church from Montpellier’s city center that survived the War of Religions.

Inside you will discover a major artwork from the french artist Sébastien Bourdon “The fall of Simon the magician”.

This painting depicts an apocryphal episode in the life of Saint Peter.

The Cathedral has been classified as “Historical Monument” since 1996.

Did you know ?

Climb to the top of the Urbain V tower and its 200 steps to have a breathtaking view on the architectural details of the medieval cathedral as well as of the Peyrou gardens or the Pic Saint-Loup… Will you be able to find the Agora or the Corum?

Good to know

Discover St Pierre Cathedral with the Tourist Office with the dedicated guided tour / also don’t miss the express summer visits of the Tour Urbain V to enjoy the view at a low price !

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