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For a little walk in the heart of the city The Place royale du Peyrou

This square located near the Ecusson (the City Center) is one of the favorite places of Montpellier residents. The triumphal Arch and the water tower, which the aqueduct extends, are models of classical architecture.

An historical place

A bit of History

In the extension of the triumphal Arch, the Promenade du Peyrou, royal square, belvedere widely opened to all horizons, hosts an equestrian statue of Louis XIV, whose Jean Giral, the architect, completed the realization in 1774.

It also contains a water tower designed in the 18th century.
The triumphal Arch and the water tower and the Arceaux aqueduct, are typical of classical architecture.

Did you know ?

There is nothing to do on Sunday? Really ?

The Peyrou is also worth the visit for the candle, the lamp or the coffee service, which you will unearth after a little brunch during the famous Sunday flea market on Les Dimanches du Peyrou.

Every Sunday, you should come to visit the merchants, the bargain hunters compare their bargains and those who have not found anything find themselves at the refreshment bar. You never really leave Sundays at Le Peyrou empty-handed.

Do not miss the thematic days organized each year: Old toys, Cinema, Tableware…

Moreover the Peyrou sometimes turns into a festive place and hosts many other events such as concerts or festivals such as the Nuits du Peyrou.

The Peyrou and the triumphal Arch

Let’s discover the Peyrou and the triumphal Arch ! (video in French)

A panoramic view

This square with its 360° view of the surroundings of Montpellier and in particular the famous Pic Saint-Loup is one of the favorite places for Montpellier residents who can chill with a good book, play a game like Mölky, or simply go for a little walk.

In the evening in summer, you can enjoy romantic sunsets or, on the contrary, watch the rising sun.


The aqueduct connects the Saint-Clément’s source to the water tower on the Peyrou promenade over a distance of 14km (8 miles): it is thanks to this aqueducts that the numerous fountains in Montpellier’s city center have been supplied with water.

Over approximately 800m, the construction consists of a double row of arcades which gave its name to the district they cross, Les Arceaux.

A market takes place near the aqueduct on Tuesday and Saturday mornings.