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treasures of the "Grand Siècle" Private Mansions

After the wars of religion, Montpellier is rebuilt thanks to its new status as the capital of Languedoc.
The city grew rich and the medieval inn was reorganized. The first mansions appear.

The secret of Private Mansions

A bit of History

These constructions continued until the 18th century. Today, Montpellier has nearly 80 mansions. Over the centuries, the wealth of the nobility is displayed with a profusion of decoration, the windows, the balconies, the facades of the buildings become majestic.

Did you know ?

Details matter

The Hôtel des Trésoriers de la Bourse, a mixture of 17th and 18th century buildings, past the imposing porch, you may notice on the floor of the courtyard, the very beautiful calade… you know?

Typical of the south of France, it is an alley of round stones recovered from rivers laid out on the ground, thus allowing the circulation of horse-drawn carriages.

Continue your visit to the Hotel de Varennes, place Pétrarque, admire its vaults which lead to several Gothic rooms under ribbed vaults, a well 24m deep stands in the center of the inner courtyard.

Private Mansions (video in French)

Les hôtels particuliers
Les hôtels particuliers
Les hôtels particuliers

Through centuries

17th century

Great architects like Simon Levesville and d’Aviler reorganized the medieval hostal. The austerity of the facades contrasts with the monumental staircase which is openworked with balustrades to open onto the interior courtyard. It becomes a symbol of social distinction.

18th century

The 18th century is characterized by the embellishment of the facades thanks to a generation of Languedoc architects, the Girals. Little by little, the facades become less sober and the balconies are decorated with ironwork.

19th century

With the rise to power of the bourgeoisie and its demand for profitability, the private mansion evolved into investment property (rental). The facades and staircases come alive with exuberant, sometimes ostentatious decorations, inspired by the Haussmann style which breaks with the Montpellier tradition.

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Focus on... Festival of living architectures

The Festival of living Architectures allows you to discover ephemeral contemporary works in private mansions in Montpellier.

The works, made specifically in harmony with the courtyards in which they are exhibited, are unique and only last for the duration of the festival.

Each year has its own theme, for our ever-renewed pleasure!